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Part of caring for a tree is making sure that it is properly pruned. It is important that the tree pruning is done right and one a regular basis to make sure that the tree remains in the best condition. Understanding what needs to be done and how it works is crucial to ensure that you have a tree that is healthy and well-maintained. There are also tree service companies that can be called upon to help.

tree pruning tips

When a tree has a disease or a damaged limb, it is important for it to be removed immediately, it does not matter what time of the year it is. As long as there is a diseased limb, it must be removed from the tree.

If there is to be considered the worst time when it comes to pruning it would be during the early spring growth. This is because doing the maintenance pruning at this time of the year is only likely to result in b you stunting the overall growth of your plant. It does help when you have an idea what is the best maintenance pruning for the kinds of plants you have at home.

For instance, trees that bloom in the summer should be pruned in early spring. Hedges, evergreen trees as well as shrubs that bloom in the early springs should be pruned early in the summer. Birches and maples are best pruned during late summers. Young trees that bear fruit along with the mature fruit tress, as well as everything else, need to be pruned late winter. The reason for this is to make sure that the wounds produced after the pruning will not be easily susceptible to insects.

Pruning can be a very tricky job; this is especially true if what you need to take care of is true with considerable size and height. This is a duty that should not be taken too lightly; safety is a very crucial component if you decide to take on the job.

It is important not to prune a tree when you are on a ladder alone. Securing yourself to two points on the tree is the best and safest way to get the job done right. People are prohibited from climbing while holding tools as well. The best way to get them is to have somebody pass them to you instead. Taking a rope and then pulling them up after you have secured yourself is another good idea as well. Safety glasses and hard hats should be a standard for every tree pruner to wear.

If you have never done this job before, though, it’s always best that you call the experts for help, a lot of people often refrain from calling them in just because they think that the amount they save from not calling one in would be well worth it. If this means jeopardizing your safety along the way, then it is better to call one of the tree service companies. Find a professional and experienced arborist, make sure he has tools, he has a license. Make sure to that he has been in the field for a long time, so he will not be a disappointment.